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Okinawa Island, Japan, is found in the people who have won for more than 100 years long. Scientists researched them and discovered they have a different way of living.

In the book – Ikigai, some techniques are mentioned by the Okinawa people. You can learn to read them and can use them, and you can live a happy and long life.

Summary of Ikigai book

1. Reason of living

Meaning of Ikigai means your passion in life. When you make a similar passion your profession, and then your life will start to be cut with immense pleasure.

The Japanese people keep looking for Ikigai in their life. Then, when you meet, and they have got involved in it.

They also do not have any stress from this, so they live a long life.

Most the people are forced into jobs in their lives. So, various people are not happy in their careers.

Let’ssay a man becomes a doctor under the pressure of his parents, but his real passion is to direct movies. So, in this type of situation, their whole life will become unhappy from the inside. Every relative and society will also praise them, but they will not be satisfied with themselves.

So, Ikigai should be found and should be made in his profession. However, this is not so easy, but in the book Ikigai, the technique of finding your Ikigai is described. Here are its steps.

2. What you love

Initially, you should see what you love. What is the work where you can spend for hours while doing it?You always enjoy doing it very much, and you need to know the time. Anything can be coding, walking, photography, cooking, reading, children cleaning home, painting, gardening, etc.

  1. What are you good at, i.e., which work can you do very well

In the second step, you must see what work you do well. In which you are proficient. So you make a good tea?

  • You jokingly make fun.
  • Give good advice.

It also does not matter how small the work is. So, see what you are expecting.

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What world needs

After this, see what people require.

People cannot tell you as many times we do not know what we require. You have to find it yourself. Also, this is the most challenging task.

People in the building may need better food or tea. Can any person benefit from the new app? Someone is living with stress, and he needs any good advice.

Steve Jobs also felt that people require a unique instrument to listen to songs, and the iPod was born.

What can be paid for

In this step, you have to find out what the work is for which people will be ready to give the money. With this step, you can find the passion or reason for living. Then you have to choose the same profession and you will also be happy with this and will live a long life.

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