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This amazingly written book, ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear, offers incredible takeaways.

Now and then, the book comes around and helps to change his life, and Atomic Habits is one of those books.

This book also feels like a natural sequel to Charles Duding’s The Power of Habits’.

The last name of the author perfectly sums up the defining feature, so the book, i.e., Atomic Habits, is a clear explanation of what it takes to make and sustain a great habit.

Making a good habit is indistinguishable from playing this game, and this book will show you how.

Things we learned in the book Atomic Habits

Here are potent takeaways that we are excited to share with you today. Each point was taken from the Atomic Habit.

  1. Habits are like trees.

This is weird to say, but habits are like trees, and breaking a bad habit is the same as uprooting a large oak tree, and making a good habit is the same as cultivating a tiny sapling. Also, making a good habit takes realistic expectations, patience, and care.

  1. Goals are overrated

Goals can be constructive; however, they do not hold a candle to make a lifestyle system. Goals are problematic as they are binary; you either get the plan or you do not. You can either run the marathon, or you don’t. You can either lose 50 lbs. or you don’t. You can either make $100,000 or you do not. Similarly, a goal can punish you even if you have achieved the desired lifestyle (i.e., becoming secure financially, fit etc.). In short, you can also be more successful than ever and then still feel like you are a failure.

It sucks, right!

When setting yourmeasurable goals, you are boxing yourself in a skinny view of success and will not allow yourself to be flexible.

Goals can also become harmful if you are achieving them. For example, if your goal is for 30 days, then what will you do on the 31st day? AL’s if your goal was to run a marathon and you achieve it, then what is the point in running anymore?

This is where people fall into bad habits after reaching a specific goal.

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  1. Identity > habits

Habit is all about your identity.

Runners in marathons show up daily as they view themselves as runners. Wealthy people also invest in the stock market and view them as investors. Songwriters also make music daily as they see themselves as musicians.

It is your identity that allows you to confront the inevitable challenges that arise when you are mastering something.

Similarly, Vegans are far more consistent in their daily diet than those on Whole30, Pale, or Keno. Is it because a diet for a vegan is easier? Of course not. It is only because they have created an identity for themselves as vegan.

A straightforward exercise of the book is to ask yourself if you desire to identify lines up with your actions. So, if you apply every tip explained in this book, you can be a better person.

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